ParisAline Welcomes Dr. Amam Ali Amam

A New Dental Milestone: Dr. Amam Ali Amam Partners with ParisAline

ParisAline Welcomes Dr. Amam Ali Amam: Elevating Dental Excellence

ParisAline Clear Aligners is delighted to welcome a new partnership that symbolizes our dedication to the pinnacle of dental care. It is with great pride that we announce Dr. Amam Ali Amam, a venerated Periodontist with more than 20 years of enriched experience, as our esteemed partner.



Embodiment of Periodontic Proficiency

With a Doctorate in Periodontology and Surgery and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Damascus University, Dr. Amam's practice is a testament to his profound expertise and his commitment to dental excellence. Situated in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, his clinic is a hub for specialized dental treatments.



Bridging Languages and Treatments

Dr. Amam's ability to communicate in English and Arabic allows him to serve a diverse patient base, addressing a spectrum of dental needs. His clinic is adept at managing intricate dental health issues, from gum diseases to dental implantology, and other specialized oral health services.



Two Decades of Dental Dedication

A respected member of the Syrian Dentists Syndicate, Dr. Amam has dedicated over two decades to the advancement of periodontal health and oral surgery. His clinic's reputation for dental innovation and high standards of patient care is well-acknowledged in the region.



Partnership for Pioneering Dental Care

The alliance with Dr. Amam Ali Amam is a testament to ParisAline's commitment to enhancing the quality of dental services available to our clientele. This partnership assures access to an exemplary clinic and a professional lauded for his exceptional care and expertise in dental health.


With the integration of Dr. Amam's clinic into the ParisAline network, we continue to stride confidently towards our goal of global leadership in the provision of superior dental solutions. Our mission is to ensure that our clear aligners are associated with the very best in dental care.


We are excited for our clients to experience the confluence of Dr. Amam Ali Amam’s expertise with ParisAline’s innovation - a partnership where state-of-the-art dental care is the standard.


Please join us in warmly welcoming Dr. Amam to the ParisAline fold, where we don't just align smiles; we craft them with unrivaled precision and care.

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